Australian replay region?

Hey i’m new to SF and suck donkey balls, won like 2 games out of 30 but it’s addictive NOTHING BEATS RENDOKAN KARATE

anyway i searched Google but noobed out and am trying to figure out what region Australai is classed under so i can perv on some local replays, is Australia under “Other” or “Asia”?

i think we have like 5 people who own the game in Aus so i could scroll the ranks for days and never spot em.

I think it depends on where the uploader is from, e.g if some French guy beat an Aussie and then chooses to upload the match, the replay would be under Europe. But for the most part, Aus/NZ replays are in ‘Other’. :wink:

thanks, wasn’t sure cause we are kind of Asian as well :open_mouth: