Australian SBO5 Quals - 3S/T5DR/VF5 - 05/05/07 Results!

Quals are over, top 8 team results from 3S and DR are below. Still waiting on that VF bracket. Thanks to all those who attended and good luck to the winning teams in Japan!


1st - Team "Where the fk is PaulT?" - Kechu (IB), Hong (DU), BOC (UR)**
2nd - Team “Beautiful” - TSC (MA), Heet (GO), Benson (KE)
3rd - Team “Don’t do that or die” - Jack (YU), MN (CH), Garland (KE)
4th - Team “Benson is gay, fat & ugly” - TimZ (KE), eks (CH), hkh1022 (DU)
5th - Team “Natural Disaster” - Bluey (UR), Haichii (KE), Prism (MA)
5th - Team “Beat Team Melbourne!” - Michael (YU), AD (CH), Juztin (KE)
7th - Team “Yo!Hentai!” - Yohei (DU), Genxa (KE), shaaaaa (YA)
7th - Team “Solid” - Tian (YU), UC1 (GO), Jfizzman (Q)


1st - Team “The Alliance” - Crimson (NINA), Saiyuk (JULIA), Andrew (LAW)
2nd - Team “TIK” - Aken (KAZUYA), Gerry (MARDUK), Park (STEVE)
3rd - Team “Legend” - Hwan (ANNA), Leon (JULIA), Hysteria (STEVE)
4th - Team “Animal Planet” - Genxa (ROGER SR), Scorpion CC (KING), UNCONKABLE (PANDA)
5th - Team “Overhead Projector” - Balls (RAVEN), Catfish (DJ), Shukadai (JACK 5)
5th - Team “ADLIB” - Jmkay (CHRISTIE), Junior (RAVEN), KC (DRAGUNOV)
7th - Team “Sega Mega Drive” - Tararist (KING), Liger 7 (YOSHIMITSU), Ric (J)
7th - Team “Haven’t Paid Yet” - TONY-T (LEI), JIN (GANRYU), KEL (JACK 5)


1st - Team “Aussie Beef” - Nin (AOI), Raito (LION), Myke (KAGE)

Is Heet Paul T? Kechu using Ibuki? THIS IS MADNESS!

Will there be any vids of this coming?

Need some of Hong’s Dudley goodness.

PaulT didn’t attend

Kechu’s Ibuki fucking raped everyone

Vidz plz. The art of the ninja is strong.

holy fuck the supposed top 3 characters in the game only got 3rd place.

Chun/Ken/Yun are overrated nowadays

Cosign on the vids! Please


Well done to Kechu and Hong. Never heard of the other guy but hey, he uses Urien so I like him already. Good luck in Japan.

May I ask how many teams entered 3S?

The Urien player is also known as Akira/akirahat

The turnout was a little disappointing, with only 9 teams - less than half of the OHN5 turnout. Part of this can be attributed to top players like IXL and Cody returning to their countries of origin =[

grats to the winners and good luck in Japan, hope to see the videos soon

I can see why you are rolling your eyes.

Apparently you can’t. :rofl:

Looking forward to dem vids.

Some sample 3S vids from the quals. Will release the whole video soon:

Vid intro: [media=youtube]AJghpN5mf0I"[/media]

Winner Bracket Quarter Finals: [media=youtube]d4S5gWHkz_g"[/media]

Winner Bracket Semi Final 2 - Part 1/2: [media=youtube]zC8Y4XXR3X8"[/media]

Winner Bracket Semi Final 2 - Part 2/2: [media=youtube]_oiFneUIGqE"[/media]

Australia is super solid.

wow that was a impressive Ibuki