Australian Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 players


A few friends and I (largely from Brisbane) recently started getting into UMvC3 in a big way, and we’re looking to meet new players and skill up. Unfortunately, it’s been pretty tricky finding matches on XBL. Can anyone make any reccomendations to help some Marvel scrubs out?


I saw the title and got excited (being an Australian UMvC3 player myself) but I only have PSN. Sorry.


You’re in luck Jedi. Since I posted that link I decided to pick up a copy for my PS3 as well. My PSN tag is Red_Gambit


Mine is Australyons. Next time I go on I’ll add you.


There are some good players on XBL, OHN quality. I’ll get them to post here.


Sounds good, thanks a lot.


Australian region matchmaking and tournament forum.