Australian Virtua Fighter Scene & Ranked League

Love Virtua Fighter? Live in Australia?

Well, the Australian scene is going pretty strong, with the third year of our Victory Road league kicking off in 2018.
We’ve been growing in numbers over the years and been attracting old players and new alike. We play tournaments monthly in NSW, and other states play online while I’m actively trying to get more and more offline tournaments started in other states.

Just last weekend we had a big elimination style War Games match so new players could have a friendly introduction to the game, while veterans got to fight each other as well.
Check it out here:

We’ve also captured almost every tournament since we started in 2016. Here’s the playlist. It starts with the grand finals of OHN14 as a highlight, but then goes in chronological order. You can really see the skill improvement after we started running these every month. It’s worth noting that we’ve had international VF players MOV and Itazan join our tournaments too!

Every month from NSW we’ll be streaming from our twitch channell

The league is located here:

If you’re in Australia please reach out get playing again! Otherwise, hope you can tune in to catch the games!

Latest footage!