Auto Block Pre-Post Patch Differences Video




Thank god for this.


Lol Capcom. They make something completely stupid and then go back to make it completely worthless.

Ah fuck…


Me gusta.



Fuck the Like button, where’s the Love button?







Nice vid mate cant believe the auto block gems were like that what a joke lol glad to see it nerfed big time.


Still inherently dangerous, the problem was always imagine this is the hands of a player like Dieminion for example. It really twists high level and intermediate competition.


Yeah the 1/6 one was so bad. I hope this fix works out for the online play.


Man, I was plinking the Like button on that Youtube page.

I want to go back in time to a crowded arcade full of hardcore players and tell them I am from the future. I’d show them a video of the pre-patch level 3 auto-block gem and tell them this is THE FUTURE if they don’t play nice.



Played ranked matches yesterday after not playing the game for weeks. For the whole evening I came across only ONE (!!!) Autoblock user. Now I feel less salty while playing online matches. The patch arrived too late, but at least I feel happier now.




Same here. I met only 1 autoblocker today. He was using level 3 and he was totally unaware of the patch. He lost 2 meters so fast.