Auto correct dp's?

hey guess its your pal ol dark knight. Wanted to ask the community two questions about auto correct dragon punches. First is how is it done. Second is it reliable or is it more of a, hope it comes out, type of move. Thanks

Auto-correct DP isn’t something that you do. The game does it for you.

Just do your usual DP and if the opponent ends up on the other side as they jump over you, the game will auto-correct the direction of your DP.

I don’t like it very much since it affects Akuma’s teleport direction.

:dp: then press :p: after the opponent crosses your mid-point.

For ambiguous cross-ups, do :db: :d: :df: :db: :d: :df: :l: + :p: as late as possible.

Oh yeah, there’s a special input for ambiguous corssups. Forgot about that…

The idea behind auto correcting is to do dragon punch motions that would be accepted for both left and right side so that when you hit punch, the game will shoryuken at whatever side you’re facing since you’re only allowed to shoryuken at that direction anyways. It removes the guessing game as to what side you should do the shoryuken.

You can either “rub it out” by doing ilitirit said or do a left DP and a right DP motion really fast. The game is very lenient with inputs anyways.

ilitirit has it correct. The game doesn’t distinguish between left or right, there is only forward and back, so a proper DP is forward > down > down-forward, if you input this while they’re technically correct, the input timer is so lenient you can actually press punch after they’ve crossed you up.

If you practice this thoroughly on character’s like Ryu who have exceptional wake-up shoryu’s, ambiguous cross-ups and virtually all wake-up games that involve your opponent jumping become just about useless against you. The person I primarily practice with has this down-pat, and you can bet your ass I don’t -ever- jump on his wake-up unless I’m riding momentum like no tomorrow and he’s too flustered to input it properly for feeling overwhelmed.

Very, very rare timed jumps and certain situations can beat it (as far as I know, Ken’s fp.srk spaces perfectly to stuff a reversal auto-corrected shoryu, but does -not- stuff a non-reversal auto-corrected shoryu). Again, situations in which you cross over them as the shoryu begins with something like Akuma’s air-tatsu can sometimes beat it, but it’s outrageously difficult to time that that well 100% of the time.

It’s not really a one size fits all counter. You’ve got to hit the punch button at a different time depending on if they land in front, cross up, or do a crossup tatsu.

ok so let me understand this, for cross ups you know are going to happen you motion the dp from the side they are jumping from and only press punch when there in mid air? For cross ups you don’t know will cross you up, ie cross up tatsu range, you use the second motion listed?

You can use the second version for all situations. The reason you do it both ways is because sometimes you’ll get crossed-up while you’re inputting the motion and that can throw off the inputs.

So basically what happens is that you do :r: (then you get crossed-up) :d: :df:, which the game interprets as :r: :d: :db:. If you do the motion both ways, you give yourself better coverage over the inputs so the DP has a very high probability of executing. In the case of ambiguous cross-ups, the more important bit is to press the button as late as possible.

If someone is 3 frames from crossing you up (or sufficiently high from the ground) as you perform a reversal DP, the DP will come out in the “right” direction, but it can whiff (or get stuffed) because by the time it hits the active frames the opponent’s vulnerable hitbox is out of reach. This is typically what happens vs cross-up tatsus. That’s why it’s important to press very late, even if it means missing the reversal. This is a powerful technique with Ryu and Sagat because they can use it to trade into Ultra.

is there anyway to practice this without a human controling the second character?

Go to training mode and record the dummy throwing you forward then performing a cross-up. You’ll need to perform different sorts of cross-ups to get a feeling for it. Another thing you can practice is getting knocked down (maybe through a DP or something) and then delaying your own quick rise for a few frames to get a auto-correct DP.

okay thanks. i need to figure out a way to train on it. i dont have much people to train with so its hard. thanks for the help friend.

No problem. In case I wasn’t clear, using the training dummy is exactly how you would practice it. Just record getting knocked and being crossed and then play it back. Once you’re back in control of your character try out the different auto-correct techniques.

hey i just wanted to thank you again, i train on the auto correct dp a bunch last night and like the sham-wow guys says " this really works" lol. I just wish there was a way to make it a bit more safe. For example i thought i was going to get crossed up and ate a jumping fierce to the face. Is there anyway to make the move a bit safer?