Auto Correct/Option Select?

Are they the same thing? and is there a** tutorial for new people?** because I have had countless amount of times where I accidently SRK the wrong side, and I’m left wide open…

I finally got my frame advantage down, but something new to step up my game… hopefully bigtime

They are two completely different concepts.

If I jump/crossup/whatever you, and you do a DP, Flash Kick, or whatever, it will autocorrect. I don’t know the exact timing, but this will explain when you DP as the opponent goes over you. IIRC, not every special has this trait.

Option Selects involve you performing overlapping inputs. Depending on the situation, the game will choose the best option for you. Here are two examples:

Crouch Tech - You down back and do LP+LK. If you do this away from the opponent, you’ll get a cr.LK. If you do this as your opponent tries to grab you, you’ll tech.

Canceling into specials - Let’s say I do cr.MK with Ryu. When I do that, I do the input for canceling into the Hadouken. If cr.MK connects, I cancel into Hadouken. If cr.MK whiffs, the Hadouken doesn’t come out.

You can find tutorials for beginners on Youtube. If you’re lucky, you’ll find character specific tutorials.

This stuff always confuses the crap out of me, would be easier if I could see somebody do a live example of it, but I guess youtube works too.

I’ve heard this is the necessary input, but I haven’t got round to trying it yet.

:d: :df: :f: :df: :d: :db: :b: :mp:(The source where I heard it from said MP, so I assume it doesn’t work with HP, but who knows)

It’s something along those lines anyway,** FROM WHAT I’VE HEARD**, I only became aware of it’s existence today, so I haven’t had chance to test it yet.

If you want an auto-correct DP, just delay the button press. You can also do :f::d:(Opponent now on other side):db: :p:

It’s most likely that you’ve found about MP because MP DP for Ryu and Ken have the most invincibility. You can use any punch though.

Every special in a game with that system will have autocorrect. Autocorrect isn’t some esoteric, special subsystem, it’s a byproduct of two things
-Most fighting games read inputs as forward or backwards, not left or right.
-The input leniency window. The bigger the window, the easier it is to autocorrect.

Essentially, you’re inputting your specials, and it see :dp: , but you don’t get the forward input until the opponent is on the other side, the game still sees your input as forward, down, downforward, so it simply executes the DP facing your opponent. The tighter the input window, the closer to the crossup point you have to execute the move in order for it to come out.