Auto hit-confirm! SA1



Not sure if this has been covered somewhere else, but thought I’d share.

far standing Hk is sj cancellable ON HIT
therefore a relatively deep (but not cl.Hk) can be combo’d into TK SA1. CORNER ONLY!

If they block nothing happens.
If it hits, you combo a free super, from the ground!
If they parry, you’re probably getting punished. Use sparingly.

Just something fun to do, and is pretty damn cool IMO

*edit this is not a hit confirm, rather, an option select that chooses for you based on hit/block (thanks aku)


That’s not a hitconfirm. A hitconfirm is when you throw a move out, and when it hits, you SEE it hit and do a special/Super on reaction.
You “confirmed that your move hit the opponent”, so you proceed with a followup.

This sounds more like an option select.


yeah, that’s what I meant sorry. couldn’t think of the term at the moment. Thanks haha


Is it still a hitconfirm if you throw out a move, but are buffering super motion in case it hits? Or do you have to straight super off a random poke? Sorry for off topic…


Let’s break it down like this:


  • You throw out Chun’s cr.MK.
  • You see that it connected.
  • You do the Super based on mentally confirming that your cr.MK hit the opponent, and they didn’t block or parry it.

That is all hitconfirming is.

It is completely reactionary.

Of course you could also buffer the first QCF motion, confirm your cr.MK landed, then complete the motion for Super. This helps if you’re not used to hitconfirming Supers too well.

But completely buffering the Super during that cr.MK in hopes that your opponent either runs into your cr.MK or your opponent’s poke gets hit by your own poke is not a hitconfirm.

I could go into greater detail about specific situations, but let’s just wrap it up with this because this is what it all boils down to:

If you throw out an empty poke, and you react to the opponent getting hit with it and you cancel into Super based off of confirming it, that is a hitconfirm.


It doesn’t necessarily have to just boil down to Supers. You can also confirm specials. Deshiken is notorious for being able to hitconfirm cr.MK -> Shoryuken.


Ok cool. So Im not hitconfirming my low forwards with ken or chun, ill work on that.


If you want hitconfirm practice, set the training dummy to random guard and try to hitconfirm cr.MKxxSA2 like…10 out of 10 times.


that’s also bad because it’s an indication that your footsies are weak if you’re doing incorrectly spaced pokes and buffering a super hoping to tag a hitbox. the only time it’s reasonable to whiff pokes like that is if you anticipate something really common in a given situation (like a dash), or your pokes tend to beat the other character’s the vast majority of the time (eg. ken vs urien). but even that can have repercussions.


Man, I can’t edit my post properly. Friggin’ new SRK…but anyway, change “mentally” to “visually”. That’s a better way to put it.

And yeah, if you are gonna buffer during a poke, be sure you have the right spacing to be able to do it. Like, stand outside your opponent’s poke range and then hit them. You’re also Chun; you’re going to need to learn to hitconfirm off that.


repercussions in the form of lolololow forward xx saX.


I dont buffer unless im in range to hit them with the low forward. If t.hey block i hold off, if not super time, but yeah im working on that confirm.


that is confirming. hit confirming is exactly what it sounds like. you’re confirming that you hit before continuing the combo. you either hit and continue, or it’s blocked/whiff and you don’t. buffering the motions is fine, a lot of player do that since it makes continuing the combo if you confirmed it hit a simple matter of pressing a button.


In the case of Ibuki’s f.Hk you buffer the two qcfs, the second extending to the jump position, then drum the buttons as you normally would for an instant air super. If the Hk doesn’t hit, it won’t jump cancel, and you won’t waste a super. You’ll just stand there. Really wish this was jump cancellable on parry, as it could then be used as great bait.


Technically speaking most players will bait a throw or poke whiff with a qcf k and then do an instant air sa1.

You can also just lp-mp-hp combo into an ex dragon kick and super. Ibuki has chains bordering on magic series stuff.
You can also combo her f. mp>mk air chain off of that and then use a chain on the ground to loop back into the ex dragon kick, among other options like going into the sweep reset> sjc> super etc.


This is pretty cool, albeit pretty useless in a serious match. Far standing roundhouse leaves Ibuki at frame disadvantage on block - only by 2 frames but as Ibuki (at least mine) thrives on pressure it’s kinda counterproductive. Definately a fun OS though.


it’s more for shits and giggles, just something fun to play with. Cool for showing off playing casuals haha


this is actually legit vs large characters and people who guess parry down 24/7