Auto Pilot ON-[Off]


When playing in a match you ever find yourself auto piloting and losing? I would usually try to go with the flow of the match but then mid way throughout the match when multiple tactics of mine don’t work I would just get confused and start taking hits for no reason. whats the best way to remember setups? I know most setups are started off a hard knock down but as soon as I get that knock down amnesia comes out and erases anything I have learned.


Short answer: practice. Rewatch your match and figure out when you “ran out of options” and then decide what you should have done. Then go practice that.

Long answer: the rest of the thread telling you the same thing :frowning: Really there is no ‘best way’ to remember setups other than to practice against a large variety of them.


If your setups arent working play footsies. You strengthen your fundamentals and learn your characters normals.