Auto-Tune the News

Watch #2 first. Why? Well because it’s simply the best one so far and genius.



Nobody has posted in this thread since April? What’s wrong with you people?!?! Auto-tune the News is funny shit! Check it out!

Great post

That was tight! subscribes

My favorite ones are 5 and 6. I’ve tried to smoke lettuce ever since.

Auto-tune 5 is fantastic, some of the newer ones are alright as well.

My God, these are genious! I’ve totally subscribed. [media=youtube]bDOYN-6gdRE"[/media] has to be the second best one I’ve seen so far after #2. It’s pretty epic. I’ve really gotta get myself an auto-tuning program now.

i like in the 3rd one when ron paul is saying “you got to believe in it, you know?” and they added in fists to give it more feeling. haha pretty good.

I love these things so much it’s ridiculous.


Best video series ever.

From Smoking Lettuce:

“You should try it with tomato, burning salad in my throat.”


“You can warn me all you want, but you’ll never stop my leafy green fetish!”

wow, i just got this forwarded to my email. Didn’t know it started in april

Episode 9 came out today or recently (I check my youtube subscriptions daily or every two days so meh)