AutoBlock User Detected


So I’d like to know from you guys about your experience with AutoBlock users in the short time after the patch. How many have you run into and how’d the matches go? Do you think they were unaware of the patch?

I only ran into 1 autoblocker in about 15 matches the other day. Dude was totally unaware that his level 3 autoblock is useless now.


To be honest, I didn’t run into many even before the patch.

The so called “epidemic” was vastly overstated, but whatever.

I’m glad they’re nerfed to bum-tier.


lol, first time I heard about that tier. I’ll have to quote that when I need it. =D


A better Idea than nerfing the gems would have been only allowing them to be equipped if you were level D or D+. Once you reach C they would not be able to be equipped. Or have it an option in the match search, like the vita UMvC3 has an option when you are looking for a match weather or not u will allow touch screen play.


Anyone ever told you you’re pretty bad at this game?


Post a video or stop being a troll


That makes me wonder why they put more coding effort into the Vita then the main console version. The Vita even has the option to disable quick combos but they still haven’t implemented that in any previous patches for console. I wonder if we’ll see any of those vita features pass over to console. If not, I’m wondering maybe because it takes too much coding time while changing the value of damage/gem slots/meter usage numbers is a “quicker fix” of a patch.

Nope. You’re the first. The rest tell me I’m godlike. Thanks for participating in the topic.


No No Yomi is awesome, look at how expertly he parried Ryu’s Super Art [media=youtube]_Q4Y4DShvyM[/media]


My defining moment.


He’s good at SVC: Chaos…
[Spoiler=] :rofl: [/spoiler]


I’m so bored of reading shit like this on this forum.


I remember before the patch, I ran into a kid with auto block. He taunted every moment he got. Freaking loser.


So true. I rarely ran into it. 1 out of every 20 matches or so. It’s funny because based on the complaints you’d think like it was everywhere. Seems like most of the people complaining either don’t play the game and/or are just hating/trolling because they see other people having fun.

As FlyingVe and others have said, the game is fun, and makes going back to AE hard.


Then I’ll be the second. You’re not good. Continuing to think you are will not help you improve either.

You don’t seem to have any knowledge of how to maximize your damage output in any situation
Your footsies game is poor at best, non-existent at worst
You don’t manage your meter or recoverable health very well at all
You seem to be unaware of how several attacks are used
Overall, it appears you have spent very little or zero time in the lab with the characters you’re using, haven’t even glanced at your frame data, and often seem to have unreasonably bad execution

I really don’t want to be mean, I’m sorry, but if you are personally invested enough in this game to create and post a video about it, I would venture you aspire at least somewhat to become a better player. Misplaced confidence will get you nowhere in that regard. Find better competition and look into better players using your characters. Playing against the garbage seen in this video will just perpetuate your multitude of bad habits and reinforce your misplaced notion of skill.


lol. You can’t take a joke. I don’t care what my skill level is. I enjoy the game. I don’t play the game everyday. the last time I played it was over 3 weeks ago, so I forget things. And I don’t feel the need to improve just to please you. You’re nobody to me =)

Since when do you have to have a top quality video displaying the best skill above everyone else to talk about a topic? =)


Well then excuse the misunderstanding, but don’t get butthurt when you’re called out for being bad in a thread you made about disparaging someone else for being bad.


To be fair, Silph, I think his reaction was fairly reasonable, not really butthurt.

He just made a post and put up a video of himself, but he wasn’t bragging about how amazing he was, and I don’t think he was really disparaging the other dude for being bad - if anything he was ragging on him for using autoblock gems, which is pretty easy to get behind, for the most part.

Yomipower randomly called him out for not being good (yes, I know, it’s true that he isn’t very good), and he responded lightly with a joke. I don’t think he actually believes he’s godlike, and I don’t think Yomi’s actually the first person to tell him he’s not. Given the general level of discussion on SRK, we should be lucky he didn’t start with a torrent of abuse, quit SFxT, and run to comment on all SFxT stories on SRK’s front page saying things like “tumbleweed” or “lol this game is dead”.


I know. Looking back on this thread, I was kind of an asshole. In my defense, I had gotten run over by a car the day before. It wasn’t a good couple of days.


No worries, mate, we all have bad days. My condolences about getting run over, I hope it was nothing serious?


I’ve never looked at Frame data in my life. You don’t need it yoooo