Autocorrect DP


Hello, couple questions regarding autcorrect dps:

1 - What motions do you feel most confortable doing? Trying a few ideas, since mine is weird as fuck (df, f, d, df, f…)

2 - I can time it ok on wake up, but am having a hard time doing it “live”, against crossups. Does it reliably work from a neutral position? Should I input the motion towards the jumping in character (like a regular autocorrect dp) or should I do the motion for the opposite side?

3 - Has this been in other games (09’er here) or is it a SFIV exclusive, due to the huge input windows?

4 - Why doesn’t this get much attention? I could not find youtube videos or topics about it, just random posts and the occasional “oh nice autocorrect DP” on streams. I honestly though crossing up shotos was okay until very few months ago when I finally started playing decent people.


Wiggling from db to df will ensure that the DP will always go in the direction of the opponent. Sometimes it will go the “wrong” way because certain attacks only cross-up for a fraction of a second (eg. Blanka’s 50/50 Ultra). Those type of attacks cannot be autocorrect DP’d. Well, some of them can if you have just-frame timing, but in most cases it’s not worth trying.

If you use the df, d, df motion you have to wait for the x-up before you press the button but at the same time you only get about 9 frames of leeway (which is still quite huge, mind you). This can be a bit tricky because the timing is different against different characters. If you just wiggle quickly several times from db to df it becomes easier because the inputs “autocorrect” themselves you all you need to do is watch for the x-up without worrying too much about the timing. Basically, walk forward, crouch for a split second and wiggle, then press the button. Easier said than done though.

It’s been in games as far back as WW. The difference is back then the input windows were smaller and the execution constraints were stricter, so when it happened it was usually just accidental.

It did back in Vanilla (mostly negative attention). When you hear it on streams it’s because the guy usually clutched out the harder version (ie. on his feet with very little time to react).


If I wanted to practice this in training mode, do you guys have recommendations for the simplest CPU recording to make in order to put me into a situation where I would need to use an auto-correct dp?

My thought is basically the CPU trips me and then tries to cross me up, rinse and repeat. How does that sound?


That’s your best bet outside of having a friend to practice it with.