Autocorrect Flash Kick and escaping 1F unblockables



I can discuss this later. ENJOY!

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Thanks alot!


Good job…


Let’s not get carried away here… I have a completely different take on what’s going on with the flashkick.
I’ll write my critique on the things mentioned in the 1st video when I get the time.


Good stuff as always!


So… you tap up and kick again after the “jump state” up motion?


Ooo… new tech! Thanks Gilley for this!


You just press up to flash kick as usual but time it so that you start to jump before hitting kick. So basically you have to purposefully non-reversal and press kick slightly after the up input.


I see…

@ Ahgama essentially your doing the normal inputs for a regular FK, but your slightly delaying the kick button to achieve the auto correct FK?

I also noticed that all the inputs Gilley showed when performing the auto-correct situations involved two up inputs? The inputs were pretty consistent throughout both vids.

Of course I’ll test this out on my end.

Thanks Gilley!


It sounds sort of like the timing involved when doing sonic booms that result in Guile moving slightly forward across the screen after each boom… but yeah, every input sequence I saw ended in “up>up+kick” in the vid.
Personally, this is THE Guile tech that all of us should have been waiting for (at least until an official Capcom fix). Can’t wait to get this dialed…


It’s harder to do than than. Autocorrect FK is about as hard as landing a 1 frame link, maybe a little more.


Gilley is right…

It’s harder than it sounds. I was just in the lab testing cross-up situations with Abel / Gief and the timing is VERY strict.

However, this tech is still very useful. I just think you have to practice the timing down.


Just out of curiosity, is it possible to jump cancel focus?


It’s possible to jump cancel anything I believe.


You can cancel pre jump frames into a Focus Attack too. I haven’t really tested the properties of it though, if it has any.







What are the exact inputs to perform a jump cancel? Does it really come down to strict timing like the auto-correct FK?


Correct because you need to leave a (super tiny) gap for Guile to begin to jump before the entering the kick input.

Everyone seems to be confused by the “two up inputs” but I think it’s pretty clear that there is only 1 actual up input. If you are talking about how the inputs show something like:

:u: :lk:

That is just a result of delaying the kick input, the same as if you simply held forward for a second and then pressed a button while still holding forward. Am I just missing something here? There isn’t even enough time to do two seperate ups because you would already have left the ground completely.


Makes sense, performing two up inputs would be tedious.


same idea as plinking