Autofire problem when playing on kaillera

I have been playing on kaillera a couple of times and using mame32k. When I play a game it randomly says anytime that I am using autofire when I’m not. What can the problem be I check the settings and autofire is off. People complain that I am using it when I am telling them I am not. So if anybody playing me trust me I am not using autofire if it says I am.

What do you use to play, and does it have any autofire switches on it? When does the detector go off, like when you’re tapping/mashing for something?

I’ve had a theory that excessive ghosting during mashing could possibly set it off, but hadn’t seen it for myself yet. If ghosting is double to tripling your inputs while mashing/tapping, it’s a possibility.

Also are you able to see what they have the auto-detector settings at? Maybe those people set the sensitivity too high.