Autographed sticks?


Hey any of you guys have any signed sticks from like Daigo, Ono, etc? I’m trying to think if I should get them to sign my stick art, or on the case itself. Any of you guys got any pics of your autographed sticks? Also, what markers would be the best for the case to be signed?


That is a whole new ball game, with its own quirks and nuances. I would suggest a brand new, regular Sharpie marker just because they are easy to write with and they perform well.
If you got a paper art and plexy layers to your top panel I say get the art signed as the plexy would protect the signature. Also consider if you get that stick signed to never playing on that stick again.
You don’t want the sweat, dirt and grime from your hands ruining the signature or even the stick.


I have first hand experience that says that if you dont put some sort of protective resin or something over the sharpie autograph and you continue to use the stick it will absolutely rub off in very little time.


Even with the protective resin or coating, the protective coating can rub off.


If I were to get a Daigo autograph I’d atleast want it to be on a Madcatz stick since he plays for Madcatz. Same goes for any other player too, I’d like to match the product company with the team they play on.

If I were to get a Snake Eyes or Bonchan autograph… a RedBull can would do.


@everythingWasBees knows a little somethin somethin about autographed sticks.


So this was done with just a paint pen I got at Micheal. Nothing special, but not water soluble. The big problem is protecting it. Honestly so far it’s not really rubbed off much, even with a lot of abuse. That being said, I would recommend a protective varnish if you’re getting the stick signed. I used a glosscote, and am probably gonna follow it up with a dullocote. I would NOT recommend this approach, to be honest, as I made a mistake and thus both the signature and the varnish is alcohol soluble. I’d recommend getting some sort of alcohol insoluble signature, if possible, and then covering it with good old Future Floor Polish. It’ll take alcohol to pierce the Future, and then whatever compound is needed for the signature to ruin that. And future floor polish is pretty much impervious to harm. If there’s a portion of the stick protected by plexi, just get the stick signed. Having them sign the inside of your stick with a plexi bottom would probably be ideal, and is what I’m wishing I had done now.

Otherwise, yeah, seconding getting the art signed. Keep in mind though that you’re not gonna want to change the art, though.


make something like this:

leave a space for a signiature

put on a stick

cover with plexi

put in shrine

worship and derp.


Bonus points if you do that with a Hori stick and Daigo art, just to troll.


I got my action bastard bastard stick signed by some of voice actors in the show. The signatures are at the bottom of the stick so you can’t see it here, but Chuck Huber thought it was really cool.


ya. i got a signed stick.

snakeyez signed a 360 around the stick. luffy signed by the strong button. pr rog signed by the jab.