AutoHotKey not working on USFIV?


Hi, did anyone notice this?

I have been trying like an hour to get it working and still, it doesnt do anything. I already tried mapping the buttons with XPADDER and convert them to a key, and that didn’ t work either.

Is anyone else experiencing this?











typical keyboard player


Don’t use turbo on street fighter.


If i was a keyboard player, i would already be using xpadder/AHK already. Im using a 360 pad. Read a bit before posting, thanks.

Im trying to find glitches/undiscovered stuff on usf4… Can anyone please tell me what macros program is working on USF4 right now? I WONT USE IT ONLINE, STOP THE “DONT USE MACROS BS” BECAUSE I WONT, OK? Thanks in advance and i hope you understood what im trying to achieve.


Ask a guy named…Tool Assisted


For every person who supposedly has an altruistic motive for using autohotkey et al, there are about 4,000 who would use it to do one-button max-damage punishes online and you’re either naïve or an idiot if you think otherwise, and that’s why it doesn’t, and hopefully won’t ever, work.


an abel player? i double perfected him a few days ago


ahk work fine, it doesn’t care what game you play as far as the game can be played with a keyboard.