Automatic mario



full of win


Probably the most amazing video game related thing I’ve seen in awhile… Was this legit or hacked/altered in some way?


That was the 2nd most amazing 11 minutes of my life, the first being the time I masturbated after seeing Rashida Jones for the first time.


What the hell this video is amazing lmao…I think i hear the ending of melancholy of haruhi in there…and then followed by the Forest song from Super Mario RPG in there…O.o;…mix is weird

Megaman 2 Wily’s stage at 6:12

…was that FFXII near the end?..I’m having a hard time figuring out what the other tunes were that wer mixed in. cept for that super mario world level song that was mixed in for a brief moment.

it’s like they turned it into some kind of advanced Mario Paint lol


If you use the other link on Youtube, there’s a track list.


Okay, for the non-nico nico douga faggots out there (Friend told me this) This is a “song” composed of multiple anime songs. It’s called Nico Nico…Okay I don’t remember the name, but there’s a ton of random shit in here. It’s meant mostly for animuers


Nice hack, pretty funny too.


I recognized the Harumi Suzumiya song, and Mega Man 2 Dr Wily’s theme and Dragon Quest. The rest were mostly lost on me.



Here’s a good one.


how do they program that?


Would’ve cracked me up if the hacker had spelled “Godlike” after doing something insane.


yes i must know how they did that.


I was so hoping to find an Automatic Mario done to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna’ Give you Up.”

Alas, some things are probably best left undone.


Theres a whole bunch of other videos on youtube as well


omfg that was craaaaaaaazy! that must have taken so long to make