AutoMattock interviews on

Hey SRK.

I’ve been doing some tournament coverage and interviews on of east coast players. So far I have two interviews up of two NC players (Kevin Micheal and Alex “Cajunstrike” Roski). The audio quality isn’t that great and quite honestly I don’t think I’m that great of a host. Regardless, I think the content is well worth listening to if you would like to know more about these games (mostly SF4) and the players.

Let me know what you think.

good shit jibbo. interesting stuff.

listened to this a few days ago good listen

someone does bi weekly podcasts of midwest players on

didn’t know u could plug like this in FGD but whatever, i’m sure most people are interested in hearing from the other players on SRK

It’s discussing fighting games, so I figured why not.

Thanks for listening!