AutoMattock Transmissions; Live discussions about all things Fighting Games

I don’t really post much more on SRK more but I still have a desire to contribute to the community at large. With the amount of people I know and all of my own personal experiences, it’d be a waste to keep all of that knowledge to myself. I’ve recently started my own live video cast with various players which have included FlashMetroid, Renegade, Frank the Tank, FACENC, Knuckledust and much more to come. The times aren’t consistent but I try to host around 2pm EST for about 20-30 minutes. The subjects vary from local scene history to in depth discussions on theory.

Today I had a great show, much longer than usual, where I discussed Old School vs New School with INerd and Foomy.

Also uploaded to my youtube:


Audio isn’t synched on the youtube version, but not much going on in the video anway. Not yet :smiley:

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I liked the old school vs new school transmission, seems like this show can really hit it big. Have you tried submitting this to eventhubs for more exposure?

Thanks! I will be doing a lot more knowledge based shows when I get the equipment but for now It’s a lot of talk radio with people I know.

… and yes, I did submit to eventhubs. They contacted me back and it should show up on the stream list.

XAN | IGT UnKn0wn at 2pm EST today,