Autopilot advice


Hello, I am currently attempting to better my fighting game prowess. I have noticed that I often go into autopilot when i am fighting people in street fighter V. When I attempt to think about a fight, I will most often do worse than when i try not to think.
I would appresiate anything that will help.


Play a different character, this will force you to learn new aspects of how Street Fighter works. Going autopilot isn’t nessarlyalway a bad thing. Someone does a bad jump in, autopilot anti-air. If you rhink about it it is too late


You practice different scenarios in training. for instance:
[] Mashing buttons on their wakup
-Answer is do meaties
] Blocking on wakeup

  • Anwer is to throw them
    [*] Do they hold up during pressure?
  • Make your blockstrings tighter
    [*] Opponent always does backrise
  • do the setup you practiced against people that backrise

etc etc etc.
By practicing these things in training you won’t be surprised as often. This also allows you to adjust fast to the opponent. It’s all about learning the cues to watch out for and capitalizing on that, by having practiced these scenarios they will happen smoothly.

If you do a blockstring and people are constantly getting counterhit, keep doing that blockstring. If they don’t get counterhit anymore, start throwing. If they mash throw after a light attack or after a blocked jump, do a neutral jump or shimmy etc etc. BY paying attention to the opponent what they are doing and having answers ready you won’t get stuck in a flowchart.

Playing the neutral game with your pokes and projectiles you can anticipate different asnwers. If you get kept out by certain n pokes, look at those pokes and see how you might counter that based on your own pokes and other options. If the opponent likes to throw out a certain poke on max range, BAIT that poke by standing slightly out of that range. Playing “footsies” is one of the better ways to avoid flowcharting as you are focused completely on the opponent.Sonic Hurricane Footsie Handbook

Best way to avoid flowchartying is being less focused on what YOU are doing and be more focused on what the OPPONENT is doing.
It might feel awkward in the beginning, but this is how you improve, by overcoming weaknesses and learning from your losses.