Autowhat? .... The SNK Complete Dictionary/Terms

So after watching/read some post about diferent terms and definition of moves, i think and others too might as well compile the definitve SNK dictionary.

I feel SNK not just KOF since im pretty sure KOF XIII will bring new players and they start playing some other SNK games, so might as well address the issue all in one, like the one in the Saikyo Newby thread, it’s not about SF4, its like Capcom games in general…

I’ll be updating with new terms/meanings, and i hope SAB-CA gives me permition to post his post :sweat:

The World of SNK is based on 4 action buttons and with some exceptions 5:

:snka: :snkb: :snkc: :snkd: and E(KOF XI, KOF NeoWave)

Just Defese:

Command Grab:


Evasive Roll:


Dodge Attack(sp?):

Quick Shift:

Saving Shift:


Alternate Guard:

CD Counter:

KOF: The King of Fighters

Garou MotW: Garou: Mark of the Wolves

FF: Fatal Fury

AoF: Art of Fighting

LB: Last Blade

No offense, but is this thread necessary when a wiki can just cover all of this?

well if everything can be put on the wiki i will delete it, no problems…

yes wait until the wiki.