Av clash I




^“Simply Mega”

Well that’s all. Those are the 2 entries i got for the av clash. At least voting is simplified.

i couldve swore ive seen that megamanx av from somewhere…or does it matter?

anyway, sorry for not entering this clash…i think quiche has brain washed all IMM av makers.

o rly?


ya rly.

no wai!



P.S.: wait…did I just answer myself?

I started on an av for this, but it’s still not done… if it’s ready by next week, I’ll enter it in the next one.

wow, only 2, ill try to get into the next one.

I voted simply mega :slight_smile:

It’s nice.

well the megaman is the better of the 2, it got my vote.

Since this be over & Worthless hasn’t announced the artists…“Simply Mega” was done by me. :bgrin:

Its a pretty plain & simple av, hence the name “Simply Mega”.


I did flare.

congrats, kidzero! the bragging rights are all yours!


Yay! :clap:
Ima go wear it now. Makes quick edit


i was out all day :stuck_out_tongue:


With givequicheachance coming at 2nd place with “Flare”

and no one coming in third…-_-’

i’ll still accept pms for the next av clash.Same rules as before you have until the end of wednesday gentleman.

Good luck to those that will participate and thank you to the people who participated in AC:I :tup:

There was a contest? I had no idea there was one. When did it start?

was this the new “avatar challenge”?

I haven’t gotten any pm’s about it until today…

I really wanna get back into working my skillz

No, I haven’t done an ABC since the one at the beginning of February.

I want to, but I know there’ll be lots of bitching because the prizes never got sent out. If the winners agree not to make any drama and just accept the fact that those prizes prolly aren’t coming, I’d be happy to start ABC #11 as soon as tomorrow.


I ain’t bitching, I never win anyway…

oh, if I only had ImageReady…