Av clash II


I’ll put mine in tonight

you got my pm so…


Wow you want 10 when the last av clash only had two entries?

I started something but scrapped it last night. ^^;

You know I’m in. :tup: I’m sure I’ll cook up another boring one no one likes, lol.

Hey worth, I’ve been meaning to ask you, why didn’t you enter Av-Clash #1?


I wanted to keep spots open for people but that wasn’t much of a problem…-_-

i put my scub-tastic avatar in… can’t wait to see what everyone else’s got…

What’s going on here…eh?!

Yeah dude, whats up?
Is this going down or what?

i’ll make the thread anyway but i only got 4 entries. expect it tommorow.

Wow, we’ve doubled since the last one. :rofl:

i have a feeling this is going to be a good one!

PM sent*

Where’s that thread?

I wanna see all the entries, dammit…this is why I like running the ABC’s…don’t have to wait all day to see the avs while Worth’s off STOMP?ing some white bitch.


and the truth comes out why he never entered the last clash…
honkey lover! :lol: