Av clash IV Voting Thread





  • -Lalo-




“Shin Chigusa”










“Shin Chigusa” is fucking sexy!

no poll this time?

there’s still a poll but i was prolly making it as you posted

oh…yea…totally missed that.

Blah, I thought I had time to submit an entry haha :frowning:

edit: I voted for Snowman, his expression kills me. I would’ve voted for the Mewtwo av [which I assume is Lalo’s] but its a bit messy and looks unpolished.

Man, that was fast.

Shin Chigusa ftw.

<3 Nastradamus.


haha i know who did everything
cept for the 1st one

lol, i didnt even get to finish it up, i just wanted to have a slot saved for the battle
haha ah well

Whoa, in the quickness huh.

Ha, Lalo & his Pokemon. :rofl:
Jolteon dude, Jolteon.

I don’t know what the crap is going on in Snowman, but it looks totally awesome. I voted for it. Best av since Q for Q-detta, I tell you what!

gosh i need to start entering these more but i dont check back enough to know when they are

:tdown: Nas :arazz:

naw, good shit, man. at least this time the comp aint even close.

also, that snowman av clearly has symbolisim written all ova it:wink:.

The original plan of the week schedule wasn’t working out,so now i just make the threads around the beginning of the week with 3 days to vote from the day the poll is made.If you wanna enter pm the avs saturday/sunday night.

For the next clash i’m gonna extend the limit for 8 avs in the contest.

is the next one gonna have a theme of any kind, or is it gonna be random avatars again?
maybe we can have a certain sprite or character that has to be in the avatar??just a thought
i dont mind the randomness :clap:

nope no themes but if enough demand is made i can make the next contest have a set rule for av content.

I was thinking of having a team based,multi avatar clash but that’s a whole other thread.

i think having it with out a theme goes along with having a short time to do the avs.

and someone mentioned not knowing when the next av contest will be… why not just pm an av whenever you finish it? if you miss the current one, it can just be put up in the next one.

good job running these btw.

snowman is too good.

Shin Chigusa is cool too.

since no one else is obvious not going to vote any further on this i’ll explain the Snowman av and why i made it.

it all started back when i was trying to unlock all the hidden characters on my ggxx since i lost my old memory card and i havent bought slash yet. i saw Potemkin and i forgot he had a white wash pallete. when i saw him when i was playing survival mode i automaticlly thought, “that’s that snowman.” for those who arent in to rap/hip hop, there’s a rapper of the name

Young Jeezy aka The Snowman



he’s obviously a drug dealer who sells crack, since that’s all he raps about, which makes since why he’s called the snowman. i basicly took a sprite of PO, color swaped the sprite, and drew my own version of Young Jeezy’s logo of his snowman.



i once had it in mind to just draw a Lifestyles condom and put it in PO’s hand instead of the snowman and not have in that pallete color and just call the av, “One size doesn’t fit all”. if your Black then you’ll get the joke, lol.

anyway, i’m pleased with the work but not 100% cuz i had major difficulties with PO’s glove. and if you look at it you’ll see that the pallete swap was’nt 100% accurate since the lines arent as shaded and as smooth as say his bicep.


Really loving that “Shin Chigusa” av. Would it be possible for me to wear it?? Unless someone (ike the artist) already called it.