[Av COLLAB V.1]: Need 1 more volunteer!

So here’s the idea. You take a normal avatar, and split it into 4 sections, 80x50 each. North West, South West, North East, North West.

I choose a common theme for the av, and each person has to work in the 80x50 space something related to the theme. Then the 5th person puts the 4 pieces together however they want, and stylizes it to their liking (or just leaves it alone). All I ask is that all 4 pieces must be visible, so that nobodys work goes to waste.
Then I wear the av. :smiley:

It’s all for fun, and i’m curious to see how it will end up looking like. Quiche has agreed to be one of the corners, and the “producer”. So there’s three spots open.

The theme is “Ryu”.

North West: Quiche
South West: Master Chibi
North East: Worthless
South East: ???

Producer: Quiche.

Note that your position is just for the initial “slap together”…it’s final position will change depending on the producers whim.





North east

north eaaaaaaaast!

My corner is done and submitted to Desi.


Wow I’m interested in seeing what you guys slap together.

I did something like this not too long ago~

Lemme find it~


I remember Slide inspiring me to make it~

Also I’m in for this

I stuck you in a random corner, since they might be shuffled around anyway


oh man, my corner makes no sense


It’s ok, nobodies does, which is why this is so awesome. :rofl:

It’ll be fun to see what comes out of this, but are there really two north west corners? :lol:


Huh indeed.

I’ll be willing to take a spot if there’s still one up for grabs…

You get the last spot! PM Quiche with the result once you’re done.

Ok got back from out of town. Putting together the patch-up right now.


I’ll see what i can “produce” out of this. Don’t expect much animation-wise because there are so many colors that there’s no way i’ll be able to squeeze more than a couple frames out before the pallette goes to shit.


lol @ North West.

Good shit guys. Mini-avs ftw.