Av Modification

Hey I was wondering if someone could slightly change my av a bit.What I want is for there to be animated lightning in the background(like just illuminate the clouds in the background and put little random streaks of lightning throughtout,sf alpha style or whatevr),and a full-body sprite of Ken Masters from 3rd strike(red costume and have him in motion from the game if possible).The thing is,I want my handle in the avatar to not appear at first,but have a lightning bolt from the clouds in the background come down and strike ken in the head.At that point,now I don’t know how difficult this would be,but I’d want ken to pretty much fall down/and have him ‘melt’ or ‘liquify’ into my handle in the av.Then,just have the animation of ken and the handle ‘rewind’ and repeat.Please DO NOT however change the color(except to match the red of ken’s costume)or lettering style of the handle in the av,and keep the rest of the av intact as well.Anybody that can pull this off is tha MAN!!! thanks in advance.:wink:


You crayz, man

Would you like fries with that?

What a sneakupslapz


:confused: All that with 19kb… dood?

I’m starting on it now, i’ll tell you when i’m done.

K it’s all done. The request was kinda hard, but i managed to fit in:

a.) white to highlight the clouds
b.) ken
c.) the lightning bolt coming down and hitting ken in the head
d.) ken melting into the handle.

This took a lot of time and effort, so i’d appreciate it if you wore it for at least 2 weeks, or else Quiche will ban you.



i lol’ed so fucking HORD i actually droped my cell phone when i was try to dial a number.

MS for teh mathafuckin’ ownage.

Thats fucking hot. The guy who requested it is an asshole if he doesn’t rock that shit.
Good work DaDesCanadian.

lol…hahaaa yeahh ok…I figured I’d get this kind of response lol…I just figured I’d throw this random ass idea out there and see how peeps responded…anyway,I’m not rockin the coffee cup lookin av the canadian made…hope u guys got a good laugh tho:rofl:


The truth is, it’s impossible to do your request without at least the original .psd file.

Wait, so do I get to ban him now?


I dare you.

And then after that,I dare you to buy me premium.

I’m drunk on power.