av modification

this is an old av that was made for me awhile back. i believe tat guy made it for me. i was just wondering if anyone can get this up to standard size (non animated) with my sig in fancy purple lettering some where on it. thanks in adv.

edit: if my sig can began at the shoulder level of the facial sentz, that be great.


here’s the av i was speaking of:


almost 60 views and noone volunteered? amazing.:wow:

if tat made it for you, why don’t you ask him to resize it? that av is obviously for a prem user, and i’m not sure if it’ll look good in the non-prem size (160 x 64).

to fit the entire head in the av, you have to shrink the entire image (remember, we don’t have the PSD file). that’s probably the reason why a lot of people haven’t volunteered to do this.

no biggie. originally this av was made for me by tat when i was a prem awhile back. i suppose it wouldnt look right on a non prem. =/

here’s my last and finally request. can anyone produce a dope av using these pic’s/sprites with there same colors as shown? megaman/cable/tron bonne left to right.

i couldn’t find a tron bonne image with the green machine, so i found this. the right column 4 picture down (when she jump attacks) would look nice with the av.


thx in adv