Av of my fiancee and me


Could someone use this pic to make me a premium size avatar?:


You dont have to do anything special to it like borders or whatever but if you want to that’s cool too. Oh i’m not even sure if its possible to do something like this due to size limits so if that’s the case then just lets me know.



How’s this?



Slick, no effects or nothing ? i whip one up with some effects


yeah LBC, i’d like to see what you can come up with.

Lolerskates, thanks. i’ll might use it, but i wanna see it with some effects first.




not really feeling those 2 cloudy things man. they’re kinda in the way. could you do something more simple? like take the original pic and put some type of white border on there or something. i just think there’s too much going on in the one u just made. if you wouldn’t mind having another go at it, you can do something else with it too but just keep it simple. sorry to be such a pain in the ass.

EDIT: keep the original color of the pic too. i dont want it black and white.

appreciate it.


Congratulations, homebread!


:lol: thanks, Sas! :china:




thats what i’m talkin about, Sas. simple yet effective :wink: i like what you did with the shade of the pic too. thanks man, i’m gonna rock it now :tup:


Edit: You took off your edit, so I had to edit! Haha.


Sas always one step of head of me :smokin:


haha yeah my bad. i didnt think you had a chance to read it. it was weird that it told me the upload failed but when i posted the avatar showed up :wtf: well anyway, thanks again bro.

LBC, yeah man Sas beat you to it. I really appreciate your time and effort though.


np but even i have to say that was a horrible ver. i made :lol: