Av Please mad easy

I just want Bryan with a gray and white color sceme background With StK in the left top conner. and “Cast In The Name Of God…Ye Not Gulity”(like the anime Big-O) Scrolling from Right to Left at the bottom.(ps please fill in that red heart on bryan’s sholder, and make his eye glow on and off red) in the SRk size and a 167 x 52 size thats hit me back up. thanks in advance.


I think your request is a bit too complicated for someone who’s relatively new. Luckily, SRK is full of cool peeps who do stuff like this for free–occasionally. I got this one. Gimme bout’ two days tops.

EDIT: the Bryan pic rocks

that’s… ease… what the fuck

EDIT: yea it prolly would be a cakewalk for someone like me :slight_smile:

EDIT#2: (I know, I know–its b/c the request Bryan pic rocks)

EDIT#3: here’s a prototype

leave me alone till when I’m done with it, as well as figure out how to fit it into non-prem



TWISTED holy shit



The awesomeness of this Bryan pic reminds me of good ol’ Tekken times before I started playing 3S. Konami’s gettin’ mad robbed.

DAMN YOU CAPCOM!!! (not really tho)

Sentiments aside; really, I couldn’t fit the “Big-O” scrolling part into the mix because it took up too much KB. If I did take the time to try and work that part out, it probably would have turned out tacky at best.

I hereby declare EVERGNUG the anti-fuckachunkz. (seeing that OC hasn’t been around for a while).

This is sorta off topic but, 'round the latter months of 2005, there was a poster on these very boards named Random Nigga. Funny guy he was. Lemme guess–Banned???

became Adam Warlock.

Nice AV btw

You RandomNigga’s still around as Adam Warlock.


^ ^ k

Adam Warlock was his original nickname, remember him posting in '01, never knew he was RN until a couple of months before he changed back.