AV please?

I was wondering if anyone could make me an avatar of Sakura? I would like to have her Alpha 3 pic in the background, and I would like the animated sprite of Sakura in her Ryu pose in the foreground, and across the bottom would be Xploit Neo. If anyone can do this for me, I would be so grateful, thanx.

I got cha, one thing can u get me the animated sprite of sakura??

Let me see if I can find one, cause I knew a site that had sprites, if I can still find it. I saw one on fightersgeneration.com, but she was a different color, and it was moving kinda slow. but here are the images I found:

I would like this one in the background if possible:

And this is the animated gif I found although it’s Dark Sakura:

Sorry for the long wait, but i just finished it.

Looks awesome dude

Sweet!!! thank you, thank you!!!