av plz




I would like to have an av made the best size I can get. I like to have L on the right corner. Make sure the L in the in av.

Then I would like the cat in the center. I like for him to be upside down.

and then Tay on the left corner with the face reversed.


i’ll get to this

uhhh is this what you wanted

idk but
YOU are what I wanted…

oh shit i mean L on the left and Tay on the right…

and that would be cool if fur’s finger could show all the way thanks! :china:

lol i wanna tu4ar

anyways, yeah i was wondering why you wanted it in that order, it didnt match up with the face, ill get to it tomorrow


“if you’re horny, lets do it, ride it, my pony, my saddles, waiting, come and, jump on it!”
/genuwine (sp?)


lol anyways i almost forgot about this

thank you i love it!

whoever wants to make it,I have another request av for my friend.

Put the face on the left side and make his eyes glow like SF4 abels ultra try to outline his hair cuz it kinda looks like devil horns and on the right side “DC1902” with the Chinese flag in the bg.