AV Request: 2008 Edition

Alrighty Guys time for a refresh.

Unfortunately I am still a bum without premium, but I hope to change that soon, but for now, well have to scale down. Why must school books be $100+, :(.

Anyhow I’d like to somewhat follow the current theme, but to make thing easer and cleaner.

.dub did a wonderful job on this AV, and the 50kb version, and made it better than I even envisioned it. So hopefully we’ll see a submission from him as well, since his work is top notch, but I am open to everyone. Also if you like to credit yourself in some unobtrusive way, its all good, see .dubs name in the credits of the 50kb one :wink:.

I’d like Mai that Poot is making me here: (Not up yet)

Once that sprite is done, integrated with a cool animated background. Then follow that up with some cool way of saying PC1X1’s Custom Joysticks, etc.

While I am waiting for Poot, his picture will be on the side.

I got an idea on how I would like it to be, though its most likely to complex, so do whatever is possible, given the context.

On this sprite rip:


I would like the image of Mai and the red background, as the basis, though I wanted the background to be animated, in some cool way (wavy fire). And Mai closer to the left side, and Mai Shiranui on the right side, with black text, and white around it.

Then near the bottom from left to right a bar of light, of lighter red opens up, then chibi mai doing a move, coming from left to right. I would like the string (all from left to right gradually moving to the right, as if she was dashing ala the move) from row 14, then to continue from row 12, and stop where she gets crispy.

Transition to:

In the End A picture of Poot’s Mai flashes for 2 seconds, just have my name PC1X1, and custom joysticks, in a similar manner, as my current AV but in red and in context of the rest of the work.

I’d like as pixelized as possible.

I hope Vegett0 takes a looky here, as his work seems to be in close with the crazyness I am thinking, but also mad respect for .dub, sasmasta, etc ;), so anyone is welcome to do it :).

Anyone, comon ;), I just update my AV every 6 months :wink:

is poot’s high def mai sprite up yet? also, i think your numbers (the rows) are incorrect.

i could take a stab at this, though i’ll probably fail miserably. keep in mind that this’ll be my first really big animation attempt, so it’ll be pretty bad. :rofl:

for people who might try this, here’s a labeled sprite sheet:

Thanks Streak I owe ya one, and yes I messed up, sorry guys, its 18 first then 16. I am talking to Poot as we speak hes working on her hehe :).

You want this in non-prem size?

To save you trouble, I am thinking maybe do it premium size, I hope in the coming month to be able to get premium, I hope, for now crop it into non prem if possible.

As of right now, If you can somehow fit this non premium it would be best , or make slight or large alterations so it works nonprem for now :rolleyes:. But also have the premium version ready, as so as I can make the switch :).

I wasn’t too sure about the timing on the animations but here’s what I have done at the moment:

404 on poot’s HD Mai sprite. :rofl:

:tup: Nice work Vegett0… dood!

That’s dopesauce!


Can someone do something with one of these?Non premium unfortunately :stuck_out_tongue:



http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/3981/battleroyalev10201jh9.jpg (His face on the last panel)

Hahaha, Veg great stuff on the 404 hahaha

ps. exactly how I’d want it.

Any way to make a non prem version of it for now, IE cut it around the dimensions for now O-o. Also can you send me the psd file for it, its really awesome!

why do you it want non-prem size? here’s premium for a more fitting size.


:lovin: no homo!

vegett0: awesome work as always. :tup:

Indeed. Good stuff.

Thanks for all the compliments everybody.

PC1X1, I’m glad you like it. I’ll send you the psd in a bit.

Ephidel, you rock, seriously. :rock:

Well, Found out Mai Shiranui was mispelled Vegett0 hehe, so I made some changes, and fixed her name, since I didn’t have your font, I got my own.

Ok Guys I need help deciding which to keep.
Unfortunately my edits added colors, which made size way to big, I had to cut down 15 Frames!!! Wish I could kept everything From Vegett0’s original + my edits, though I think doesn’t seem like I did. Anyhow I’ll be tweaking this, let me know what you guys think.


New one


Nice edit.

I didn’t even realize it was spelled wrong. The eye candy…IT WAS TOO MUCH!

WOW! :rofl:

I did not catch that. I guess I was too busy with everything else that I never noticed or forget all about that. :sweat:

As for the change, you should work on getting that burst background to use colors already in the av. That will help you greatly reduce the filesize.

This is the text I used for Mai’s name and "Custom Joysticks"