AV Request: Animated + Sprites 4 Me!

Hiya, and Thanks beforehand, as I have not have the time to properly make an avatar, I thought I should hit up the community ;). Having drawn and worked with photoshop, I highly respect anyone who can not only take an initiative for a complete stranger, but devote their time, and knowledge for no other benefit than gratification. As it takes a good amount of skill, balance, and art education whether formal or informal to do! So again Thanks to anyone who attempts or does the AV!

I hope I putt his thread in the right place hehe!

Theme: History of Fighting, New Challenger has Appeared!

I would like all pictures to be sprite based,

New Challenger has Appeared scrolling in the beginning quickly, followed by;

The name of the game and all the following chars in a animated chronological appearance with the background representing each game. Think of VS screen Transitions

Each Game in one frame with enough time to look and see the chars

Street Fighter II
Chun Li

Guilty Gear X2 #Reload
Ky Kiske
Sol Badguy
Milia Rage

Fatal Fury
Terry Bogard

B Jenet

Mai Shiranui

Marvel vs Capcom Series

Big Bang Beat
Senna Kyoudou
Kunagi Tenrou

Melty Blood
Shiki Nanaya
Sion Elinam Atlasia




Custom Joysticks!


Game Over

and have PRC on the top where you would enter your name. Think arcade ending screen.

Well this is a hefty undertaking, so I hope someone is willing, this is a request/challange, as I humbly say not sure even I could do it, though will try eventually for the future just to test and learn. So thanks in advance for anyone crazy enough to try, Props for trying! I will pick the best one, but will take everyone’s into consideration.

If you need assistance with sprites etc, let me know.

Thank you + Respect!


If I were to consider this, I’d need the SFII, Fatal Fury and BBB sprites (all others I can get).
IMO if you’re already going to request a very detailed image like this with lots of actors, I’d make the effort to find the sprites, to make life easier for who ever is going to take this. Try and take as much work off the poor avatar makers as you can… a show of good will if you want.

Of course, I figured since this is a bit complicated, anyone crazy to do this would have most of the spirtes :sweat:. Regardless, I will update this post with all the spirtes. Thanks for the interest!

step 1

get premium

step 3


Well got everything, except the BBB sprites, and MVC2, I may rip those myself if need be. But hopefully this is a start, and you consider gimming me a hand, as I like your work .dub

I somewhat don’t understand how getting premium or paying for forum changes anything. I actually would like to eventually and sooner than later upgrade to premium, though honestly the option hasn’t popped up to upgrade my account, so I may not have noticed where or how, or its not available, enlighten me ;), though still seems irrelevant to the topic at hand.

So your insinuating that someone who makes my AV gets a profit? eh? While I completely agree, its not feasible at the moment, nor do I want to instigate that whole make the AV and you get money debacle. As we seen in contests etc in other posts.

However if I do need help, and someone talented here, offers what I need, I wouldn’t mind talking to them about commissioning them to help me, whenever possible. Though I would pay them for a job, and for a specific function. While I have set guidelines in this AV, its completely up to the artists imagination. And this one is a tough cookie. And thus its an informal request. I will however appreciate and feature whomever is able to do this AV. Also if parts of it are not feasible let me know, also I can help whomever wants to make this AV, however I would like an outside influence, as its cooler when you have someone else’s work too, so aside from the complexity of this AV, I prefer someone else doing it, just for aesthetics, and to feel unique.

I wouldn’t mind making one for someone else, though I don’t like to sport my own creations myself all the time, gets repetitive. Anyhow Thanks for the interest! Looking forward to some submissions!

getting premium makes it easier on the av maker. less size limitations.

Ah kewl, makes sense, wish he said that on the first post :rofl:. Now what is the process for premium ;)?

you go to user control panel, and click paid subscriptions. once you get there, you can pick the time duration of your premium membership.

this request will never go through…

yeah, i don’t see it happening either.

Well got to be optimistic, if all fails, I’ll make it or scale accordingly to what’s feasible, but still hoping ;).


:rofl: Indeed, it’s the funkiest of the chunkyz… dood!

Well dunno whats the above references are for, but w/e, not going to spam this thread. I was going to get premium, though honestly, the whole rep system does not make sense, I’ll talk to a mod about it, hopefully to square it off. As getting neg reps called random, and for no reason? I honestly don’t understand why someone would do that. I try to be helpful when I can, etc, though all these random negs detract from the community. But w/e, if it makes you happy.

Umm Yeah Dood and b1gazn, dunno what the above reference is for, or inside joke it is, etc. While I haven’t followed b1gazn, nor seeing your posts, I have seen and used Yeah Dude comments to better understand and as references on quite a few threads, so I do have respect for Yeah dude in that regard, so hopefully whatever this reference, sarcasm or joke is in good taste.

Btw you can’t beat the internet’s boss, so you will always lose, so I won’t waste my time, though would like to understand at least in the proper context, some of the things in SRK. Been here a little while, and learned alot from it, though some things guess I am still to NG to completely get.


Anyhow back to topic, anyone willing or will take a crack at it?


[] Yeah Dood is a Mod, but not in this forum
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and to answer your last question, nope.

damn the retarded version I came up with would still be to big. . . …damn. . . .

Its kewl, if you can upload it and show me, maybe I can give you a hand on compressing it?

Oh god no I wasn’t going to do it. . .but what if they just take sprites of those characters. . .and hyave em go in a never ending fast loop in age of game order. …

Lol, at the oh… no… hahaha.

Yea never ending fast loop is what I had in mind, just with enough time 1-3 seconds to see the chars, then next etc.