AV Request: Dan


I want to retire my avatar since i don’t really use this characters much any more and now i heavily use Dan in P groove. You can be as creative as you want; just keep these three things in mind:

-Dan needs to be in the pic, preferably his entire body.
-The parry concept can be seen somewhere(the flash when u parry something for example…)
-The word ‘Saikyu’ should be visible somewhere. Its preferable but you can replace it if u think it will fit your overall idea.

Thanks in advance.


dont you mean “Saikyo”

i’ll give it a try just cause i love dan, but if someone can get to it sooner, then be my guest.


Aight…thanks man.


how this?


Nice…but can u reverse the character’s position? I want Dan to be the ONE doing the parrying and if memory allows it, have a short white flash the moment it parries…or have Dan blink white like the ones in THirdstrike when u parried successfully.

Thanks a lot man.


i’ll get to it later… i’ll try and dress the bg too… i did it rather fast so that i can get your opinion against it.