AV Request: Dr Evil HDRemix

I need a new AV many thanks to VegettO from the current one still makes me chuckle :rofl:

For my new AV I would like to use the scene from Austin Powers movie, where Dr Evil wants to hold the world for ransom for $100Billion and cut to scene of the various American government seated round laughing, but then number 2 corrects him, Dr Evil changes it to $100million and everyone gasps.

The begining starts off similar to my current AV “Attention SRK”, switch to DR Evil with a Capcom badge or banner on the side, HDRemix 500MS points, SRK (US Goverment scene) laughing with similies. Dr Evil looks puzzled, and changes it to 10000MS points, SRK in horror some sad smilies.

Here is the scene

[media=youtube]3QM-PlRXNVE[/media] - You can place the Capcom logo under the TV of Dr Evil

Extra footage [media=youtube]jTmXHvGZiSY[/media] - Good close ups of Dr Evil

If you can squeeze in Sirlin’s face photomerged as Dr Evil’s son instead of number 2 that would be perfect. :wgrin:

I managed to do it myself, but I need help with the compression :sad:


Show us what you have so far, so we can see what you had in mind.

Looking back on this and the we looks weird, but I’m sure others have seen this.

Hey man, not sure I understand what you mean by the We thing??


As in others who come in here to look. The IMM Fam. They are the WE.

Gotcha added the gif

anyone? Might have to remove a couple frames as the current AV is 6 frames, VegettO did say that was tough to get down though.


I guess I can give it a try, I will see if I can manage what you want, what size did you want it?

As close to premium as possible. The current one is 160px wide, so that will do. But if you are able to make it a decent size without the black border that would be even better. Thanks man!