Av request for a different forum


80 x 80

Something music related.

if you wanna hook it up with a matching sig, that’s cool too, a small sig though… less than 80 high, 200 wide

I suck at working with dimensions that small.


another forum :shake: ?!?


I only go here frequently. It’s a computer forum, and every time I ask a computer question around here, I get bombarded by the same two people, and it NEVER helps.


How a bout just a music note? ? ?

80*80 is damn damn small


lol, if you make it nice, that’s fine

the site = www.neowin.net


Tell me if you want different colors
Bass Clef:


How about brown with teal clef?


What’s the file limit on the avs? If it’s big enough I can make you something similar to this:

That one is like 100x81 but making a similar av in 80x80 wouldn’t take too long.

:rofl: I’d have to free some space on my laptop first; Holy crap, I got less than a Gb of memory at the moment. Ugh, time to free up about 60Gb… dood.[/COLOR]


SMALL :frowning:
and they’re not too keen on animated avatars.


Hows this:



neoooooowiiiiiiin.net… dood!!!




doesn’t look as nice as i thought… i’ll use the first one.


Damn, where’s the shaky fist smiley on my toolbar? I could use that in a lot of conversations. Guess I’ll have to stick with this :arazz:


There’sa link to more smilies.


see, that shit OWNS you



Or you can upload your own smilies like I do. It’s easy you just… :wow: OH GOD NOT THE BEES!!!


Mixah, RUN! SAVE YOURSELF WHILE I HOLD THEM OFF!!! Tell my wife I loved her… DOOD


Damn I always get hit by that combo


But I always counter with:qcf::uf:+:2p:





Please stop sucking.


:lol: :lol: :lol: :tup: :u: :u: :d: :d: :l: :r: :l: :r: :snka: :snkb: :snka:
Infinite life > Bees


i wasn’t even going to say anything…