Av request for a friend

Hey. I’d like a Millia/Dizzy av. It’s for my friends live journal. The size requirements are 100x100. I don’t care if it’s animated or not but can it look like they’re fighting? Thank you to whoever responds to this.


bumpin’ it baby

ill give it a go

Don’t mean to sound like a prick but…

im sorry it took so long

No need to apologize. After all, it’s not like your obligated to do anything.

About the av though, could it maybe be something that looks fair between the two(not Dizzy just owning) or just do another with Millia owning Dizzy so they could just be switched back and forth? Sorry I wasn’t specific enough the first time. I don’t mean to be an asshole although I think I’m coming off as one.

no prob i will give it a shot

If you could supply me with some Dizzy/Mil sprites, I’ll try. I have sprites of characters I like more, but not Dizzy/Millia. XD


I like Dizzy’s block(arms crossed and only the blue chick there) and millia’s burst(has fake roses in her hair) the most.

resizing is hell
vwill wtry another with the block and rose thingy

I’m putting you through a lot of crap. I really appreciate all of this. :pleased:


:sad: I love you. :pleased: :clap:

awwww :lol: