Av Request: Free Premium!

Time to switch avs. My request is for an av with a fat white bitch and “arpe” incorporated into it. It’s my own personal counter to the bathing suit avs going around. I’ll give the contest two weeks (til the30th) and the winner will get free premium. If there are a lot of good ones i may do like last time and spread it around. I think I ended up buying around 40 bucks worth of premium. Go go go!

I don’t usually makes avatars often but

I gotta make one for this

ill get back on it

forgot premium rules for avs already

Yay for MSPaint! (Photoshop illiterate). I was just messing around, this isn’t a real entry (unless you like it, but you shouldn’t).

Go ahead, laugh at my unskillfulness! :wgrin:

heres two



MS Paint to the rescue… someone can clean these up and take credit if they like the photos :stuck_out_tongue: This is more for fun than an actual entry I suppose…




^ lmfao. That broad can’t get in them pants like Son Them All trying to pull a bitch.

Wow. :rofl: Rooks took it to whole new level. The fat woman on the guy is indeed ARPE.

All this just counter Lucretz tits avs. Priceless.


there are 4 in mine, i win

lol, you sure do haha, kinda gross lol


No one willingly wants to top that.

I clearly did not think this through.

These labored-heart having bitches crack me up. Keep em coming (that’s what she said…at kfc)

This one ain’t even that bad.

how about this one



i wonder about you anthony…

What you should be wondering is how Rodrigo smashed you. :rofl: JUGGERNAUT!!!

:shake: Say it isn’t so… dood!

so who won?

holy shit. lmfao