Av Request (gif resizing help)

Iv’e been trying to resize this gif http://content.ytmnd.com/content/2/f/a/2fabc09b4ba41ed148bed424822de6a6.gif to SRK av standards (non-premium) and rock it as an avatar, but have had no luck.

Anyone care to take a shot at it? Thanks in advance.

this shouldn’t take long…

here ya go:

I didn’t try and put your name on it, because its kind of long, but if you want any changes just let me know

:rofl: I made one too lol. If you want them:





… dood.

Actually, T1AN’s non-premium is positioned better than mine so his is your best bet… dood.

awesome. Thanks guys

wats guys im comin to ask for an avatar because as u can see mines isnt really gr8… a simple one of storm victory stance,cable gun by his head,cammy in her victory stance staring to the right or left. matching cammys assist 2 colors would be gr8 n e coordination to the other chracters id leave to you guys and have big lou somwhere in it… thanx a lot guys