AV request Guile SF. some work already done

Want an AV using this image.


It is appreciated :slight_smile:

this is all i could think of dude


You have the full size?

And Muffin, good shit… but the text is VERY difficult to see. Inner shadow doesn’t work well on a dark colored text. Try brightening up the blue on Guile and putting an orange or burnt orange colored stroke around the text… something like hex number AA4400 COULD work…

I was thinking maybe using the full size, and the background would work. . .if there’s a higher-res of that pic. . . .

like this


better res


little better.

the image I used is here. well not the exact frame :confused:


just a cap from one of the GDC vids. Gonna use what you cooked up Muffin, but if you get the urge to try something new it’s cool too. Thanks man!


nice!!! I’ll use that one. thanks!!