Av request...Guy/Mai

Anything with these two characters, animated or not, sprites or art. I’ve had this av DG made me for two years now, time for a change. Plus ninjas are way cooler than characters from shitty anime games.

If somebody needs me to pick specific stuff, I’ll look up some pics…no time at work or tonight tho.

provide some shyt,…Mai-Guy…

Sorry for the wait.


I’ve seen enough Mai avatars around, so let’s just do Guy. Ninja that shit up.

I’ll give it a shot.

well…looking forward to it! Good job on the STHD screens btw.

mai and guy

just Guy

:wonder: Oh snap Brent, PsycoSquall hooked you up. Nice work on the av… dood.

^I stared at your AV for like 3 minutes…

:tup: is what I’m trying to say. And…the AV request has been fulfilled. :tup: PyschoSquall.

Good stuff :smiley:

I had uploaded the DS game’s art to my photobucket to post here too, lol. Thanks man.