Av request ( i need one!):sad:


First off, I’d like to say that im sorry ytwojay, and gumz about me asking for an av and all. Second, I’ll get down to the situation; I WANT AN AV!! can anyone help a brother out? Here’s my reqtest: i would like a hot sexy chick kickboxing. do whatever, ( that includes boxing gloves, and no shoes whatsoever). Thats all i want and my name on it. So plz ppl, hook me up!!!



boxing anime chick with a flashing action background

it would help if you posted pics with your request or you get random

  • GG -


alright. im going to emphasize on the specific av i want. i want:
1: makoto from www.fightersgeneration.com
2: get a worthless someone from that same site.
3: get makoto kicking him with a mk to the face.
4: put my name on it.
is that simple or what.


Are you mad for him not knowing what you wanted that was completely different days later?


^ sorry bout that. and sorry GG for the late consideration. anyway, if anyone is reading this thread, plz, HOOK A BROTHER UP!!! thanks for your cooperation.:tup:


Can Anyone Help Me!!!?


… nope


^ dammit then.:sad: