AV request - involves Inspector Gadget and Trigun

Does anyone remember in the Inspector Gadget theme song when he’s standing in the alleyway holding up the piece of paper? In the AV, I want that scene. But instead of the piece of paper, I want him to be holding Vash the Stampede’s wanted poster. Except on the poster, instead of “Vash the Stampede” have it say “LongSh0t”

Doesn’t have to be animated, but if the siren light on Gadget’s head is animated, that would be kick ass.

If you can’t get the wanted poster or feel like making another AV with the same stuff, have Gadget holding up a piece of paper that says “PWNED” or “You have the right to STFU” or something else funny.

It’s kind of a weird/specific AV, but if someone could make it for me, I would be much apreciative. :pray:


i tried looking for that inspector gadget animation but couldn’t find it… and i couldn’t find a clean pic of the wanted poster either. if you can supply it, i’ll try my best to make it for yah.

hmmm your right. These pics are tricky to find. I couldn’t find the exact pic I wanted, but I found something close enough so I’ll settle (unless of course someone would be kind enough to supply the pic:pleased:
There’s a problem with my account right now, it won’t let post attachments so here are several links to basically the same photo use whichever works best for you:




as for the Trigun poster, I’ll look for that tommorow. I’m sleepy:yawn:

ok, Trigun posters, these were hard too:

http://www.geocities.com/teslaplant/trigun1_02.jpg (not a very good one, has text boxes on it)

http://beyondthegrave5.tripod.com/eanimemanga/thumbnails/100x100/trigun_wanted.jpg (actually a DVD ad, but pretty good actually!)

If the wanted posters don’t work out or you feel like making another AV with the same stuff, have Gadget holding up a piece of paper that says “PWNED” or “You have the right to STFU” or something else funny.

thanks for making this:tup:

ok i got the picture but the picture is too long… the avatars here are wider than the height so i can’t fit the siren on his head. Nor i can get a vash poster (which i found) to be big enough to even read. Maybe try another pic?

You mean the pic I originally wanted?! Good find!:tup:

Well, if you can’t fit the siren, you can’t fit the siren. Tough luck for me. As for the Trigun poster, I found a little one awhile ago:


(the pic is at the bottom right hand corner. It’s 93x100, prolly to big to shrink…)

But if that doesn’t work, there’s still my alternate idea: have Gadget holding up a piece of paper that says “PWNED” or “You have the right to STFU” or something else funny.

i got an idea… i’m gonna try it… it’s almost done.

edit -


here it is… not sure if it can fit. Need to learn how to reduce kb from Rei.

EDIT: Awwww nuts it’s a few bytes to big, I can’t use it ;_;

HAHAHA That’s awesome! Zooming in and out to get the whole pic is a great idea! :clap:

The hole in the moon as the crime scene is genius!!! I would never have thought of that!:tup:

Overall, very good. Thanks very much. I’ll give you props in my sig.

If I may compliment you more, Sunoco is great, but there are hardly any down here. I’ve got a bunch of Sunoco footballs and basketballs around from when I used to live up north.

what is a sunoco down there? i just know of it as a gas station lol… thx for the kind words… i’m just hoping to get in touch with Rei soon so he can tell me how to reduce the kb without taking a whole frame away. or do u want it to just zoom in and start all over again? so there’s no zoom out.

Yeah, Sunoco IS a gas station, but there are only about 3 statewide down here in Florida. Back north, they were everywere and they always gave out footballs, basketballs, toy cars, etc. So IMO Sunoco is synominous with cool.

Well if your going to reduce the kb, *something * has to go, right? I wouldn’t mind the removal of the zoom out.

On a side note, I think it would look better if the moon were just a little over to the left or right. So that way, you could see the hole that Vash put in it. Gadget’s head blocks it, so the reference is obscured.

ahh now i know what u were talking about with sunoco football and all. well here it is… any changes you need? i tried to make a hole in the wanted poster but looks pretty bad


Aw no… “You may not upload animated images”??? WTF is that?! First I can’t post attachments, now I can’t upload animated images. This is bogus. I asked koop to help me with the attachment problem (still waiting) but if I keep getting these limiting problems with my account, I’ll have to go to Mr.Wizard.


I thought that the moon in the background was the moon in the Trigun Anime (the one Vash shoots a hole in)

If it’s just a regular moon (which is still cool:tup: ) put it back where it was. Also, the zoom in rate is much slower than before. Could you fix the zoom rate to be the same as before?

I feel like a picky jerk asking you to change it again… sorry :pleased:

you have to be premium to load attachments unless Wiz changed that too…

you are a picky jerk:tup:



here you go

shatterstar quote: “you have to be premium to load attachments unless Wiz changed that too…”

Nah that can’t be it. I was all like:

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Thanks. *

And koop was all like:
*First welcome to srk. Next the board just got reformatted so let me check into it. Definitely let you know why soon.


Anyway, thanks a bunch for the AV SunocO. Hopefully I’ll be using it soon.:party:

are you calling me a liar…

or are using the word attachments incorrectly.

I’m talking about at the bottom in the “posting rules” box it says:

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I asked koop “Is that a Premium feature…” and he didn’t say: Yes it is. That’s why you can’t post attachments.

Ergo, my reasoning is that it is a non-premium feature. You can’t really blame me.

I’ll ask a non-prem. member if he can post attachments. That oughta settle it.

Originally Posted by LongSh0t
*I am new(sep 2005) non-premium member. I just tried to upload an animated avatar (160x64 - 16647 bytes) And I get a message that says “You may not upload animated images”

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So I can not post attachments or upload animated AVs. What’s going on? I haven’t done anything to get modded or restricted, and yet, I keep finding new restrictions on my account.

I asked koop for help, and he told me that he had never heard of anything like this, so now I’m asking you.

Thanks for your help. *

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the following features have been moved to premium only. thanks for your inquiry.

…wow…that really sucks. Moreover, anyone who joined before this is allowed keep their animated avatars an’ stuff, while the newbs get screwed. I lurked for a while and ignored my friends’ advice to join. I’m feelin’ it now :frowning: Looks like I may have to go premium.

damn that sucks man…haha maybe u should just rock a Still Avatar