AV request? Kinda?


This is actually taken from GuMz thread but since he (apparently) discontinued the thread, I figured I could c/p with out being a av whore or whatever…any ways.

I have a bunch of different images I want to use.
But can’t decide.
So, I’ll let you, the AV makers, decide.
Only pick one though, and don’t tell me which one.

As for the style.
Just go bawlz out, go nutz be as creative as possible.
Like most, I like animations, but stills are coo’ too.
Only thing I ask is that "SH"
Oh yeah, and prem size that bitch, nigga.





I’d actually like the following three to be used together somehow:

alos, if you want to make more than one avatar, by all means do. :lovin:
Same goes for if multiple AV makers want to jump into this.

No prizes or anything like prem. :sad: just my /no homo love and affection.

kay…that’s all I guess…I don’t want to post too many links.

and I’ll update if anything changes

also mention if any links’re broken.

Thanks again.





^That’s some fire.


wow nice shit

i was going to get to this today but i guess not now


If more people want to take a crack at different images.

By all means do. :tup: