Av Request-Kuroda's Hugo

I KNOW I DON"T HAVE PREMIUM,but I still would like to get this av for other purposes.
hey guys I was wondering if somebody could hook me up big time with my av request I have. Could someone, if possible, make an av from 1:33-1:38 of this video:


and freeze it at the end and make the letters WTF!? flash like 3 times at the end(black or white would be cool) or have have the the words “I.Just.Came.”(I think I spelled it wrong not sure)slowly pop up at the end.If its too much trouble then I understand.Thx in advance.

bump…no one yet? :frowning:

bump again…anyone?

help help help!

I suggest you choose something else dood, then someone might help you out, Vids are too hard.

plz close this thread I was able to make this av :slight_smile: if anyone attempted this thx anyways