Av request (mvc2)

NO Anamation.

i need an av with maybe a dark or a firey kinda of background (dark orange of course). Then if and experience av maker can you kindly take the 3 images i have (mags,sent,psy) and kind of make them a little bit smaller than they are now and put them in the center of the av close together almost like there standing together and one at a time have them present themselves in a dark shadow then lit up to the character, like if mag’s first he be dark then he’d light up, then sent would follow up then psy, then all 3 would be lit, then cycle repeats…

Anyone that is an eperienced av plz give it a try, like infini, alpha, y2jay, or anyone that thinks they can make it tight!!


use MAGS,SENT AND PSY from link… just the faces in these pic’s of those characters mention.

:cool: :cool: don’t worry about the attachment.

just tried it for fun


if it wasn’t what you were looking for, just lemme know

perfect!! It’s even better than i thought:eek: Can you put in red letters in side the dark images “MSP” then the MSP sign would disapper and following that would be just like you have it. Mags appearing, Sent, then Psy.

current file is too big for me to receve it :l

ah crap… I’m sorry, I forgot to save the optimized file… I’ll give it to you early tomorrow morning. sorry again.


done, had to cut some frames because i was reaching over the limit

thanks CRoW, iam liking it!:smiley:


here’s another version, since fighters gen is back up, was able to nab some sprites


and another version of the old one