Av Request (OrangeMegaslide)

for none other than OrangeMegaslide ;D

If you are in the mood to do an av, want to make one for me with this pic?


It would be appreciated. No big rush, I still love this one, and will probably alternate between the two depending on my mood.

check back later.

how bout that?
if it’s not cool, tell me what you want changed.

Is there any awy to make it more “vivid”, it seems kinda drab.

The actual design is cool though ;o

so you want more lighting around it?

or is that, you just want color?


cool now?

hhmm i wonder if you can do an av with Tony Montana brandishing Cable’s gun…just a thought :smiley:

Tony Montana firing a hyper viper beam?

nah just brandishing the gun, just replace his “little friend” with Cable’s HVB gun. thats all, like take the screen shot holding the gun in the final scene and replace the gun.

very, thx ;D


post both pictures.
i’m thinking it would look pretty stupid, man.
but i wanna see the pics, in order to see what you’re seeing.