AV Request please! =O

Can somebody make me an avatar and perhaps recolor it too =P
Something with black would be appreciative =3

Dauragon C. Mikado

I gotcha.
I’ll do it when I get home from school today.

Here you go sir:


Might I request an av as well? If so, I’d like it to utilize this pic…

…and a red and black color scheme, if possible. :slight_smile:

:u: I’ll do it when I get home from school.

Here’s your av I Kei I:


Sorry it took a while. I was busy playing Smash.
Oh & doing homework.

Oh snap! That’s wicked xD
Hey, KidZero, can I request another Avatar?
It’s for another community, VirtuaFighterDotCom.
Their avatars can be no bigger than 80x80 pixels and
I’m looking for an Akira avatar. I mean, if you could.

:u: Sure. Just pick out an image for me to work with.

I dunno if you can work with this…

Thanks a ton. :slight_smile:

How’s this:


You’re welcome I Kei I.

Of course, I’m gonna have to say my great thanks too =D

You’re welcome dude.

Hey KidZero, can you make a avatar for a friend of mine?

**Picture: **May
Text: Dogysamich

Dogysamich is his srk name =P

Yeah, I’ll get it in sometime this week. Pretty busy with MGO & GTA IV coming out tomorrow, you know…oh & with classes. :looney:

Pick up for : Dogysamich


/me pops his head in.

Wait what the hell? People are requesting stuff fo~


… Nice. :smiley:

Thank you sir.

Awesomeness =D
I’m jealous as always xD

**Picture: **Jam
Text: Alpha Gundam

Alpha Gundam of Dustloop… Just got into Guilty Gear recently and making progress =3

I like this one. :slight_smile:

Pick up for: Alpha Gundam


Tried to make it look like she “cracked” the av with her kick.
I’ll make another one later on. That one is like blah. :xeye: