Av Request Please.

Hello all, i’m kinda confused on everything that i’m suppose to provide, well more confused on where i’m suppose to locate the artwork for Avatar Makers to be able to make me an Avatar, I appologize, i’ma noob. >_< But i’d really appreciate a CvS2 style team Avatar with the groove at the bottom and my name somewhere on it. I really like Se7in and Tetsueye00’s Avatars shown in this thread:
I’d like my Avatar to be default color Guile (on the left/standing in his victory pose with his hands on his hip or the way he’s posing in Se7in’s Avatar), default color Ryu (middle/arms folded, looking downward victory pose), then default color Sagat (right/one arm folded under the other, with the other arm holding his chin in his hand with a smirk on his face victory pose) with the C-Groove at the bottom and my name somewhere in the Avatar. As far as a background, i’d like either a sky background, or just something creative from the avatar maker that would fit nicely with the characters and the groove in the avatar.

If I knew of places where I could go to look for artwork for the characters and background and things, then i’d do my best to provide artwork for the Avatar Makers, I appologize for being a noob, please help me out. Thanks much. =)


You want a CvS2 team?


Try here, but you can host images from here; so you’d have to host them with photobucket or imageshack.

Thanks Tat guy, i’ll check out the link. <3


Guile Artwork = http://fightersgeneration.com/characters/Guile_win_comb.gif
It’s an animated CvS2 default color picture of Guile that I wanted, but i’d like if the Avatar Maker could like freeze the animation when after he combs his hair and he’s just standing there with his hands on his hips. That would be the exact look of Guile that i’m looking for.

Ryu Artwork = http://fightersgeneration.com/characters3/ryu-cvs2-stance.gif
/cry… I found an animated CvS2 default color picture of Ryu, which is the 1st URL, but he’s in his fighting stance and not in his “arms folded looking toward the ground” victory pose. A CvS2 default color Ryu in his “arms folded looking toward the ground” victory pose picture is what I was aiming for, but I wasn’t able to find one at the link Tat guy provided me. If somebody knows where one is at, or if it’s possible to make one, I would very much appreciate it.
The 2nd URL I provided is of an animated 3S picture of Ryu, I figured I would put that URL up there to give the Avatar Maker an idea of the “arms folded looking toward the ground” victory pose that I was talking about. In CvS2 he looks a little more toward the ground though than he does in his same victory pose in 3S.

Sagat Artwork = http://fightersgeneration.com/characters3/sf-sagat2.gif
/cry… Well I found an animated CvS2 default color picture of Sagat, but I guess i’d like it if the Avatar Maker could freeze it after his scar lights up and before he grabs his chest, where it looks like he’s just standing firm with his arms down by his side with his chest sticking out and he’s looking forward. I couldn’t find one of him with his “one arm folded under the other with his other arm holding his chin with his hand with a grin/smirk on his face” victory pose, I think that’s also his taunt in CvS2. If anyone could find that or if an Avatar Maker could create that, i’d be much appreciated, but if it’s impossible or too much trouble then the look of Sagat I mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph is cool.

Groove Artwork = I couldn’t find Groove bars at the link that Tat guy provided me, but i’d like a full metered(sp?) C-Groove bar at the bottom of the Avatar.

Background Artwork = I couldn’t find a background either, i’m a noob. >_<
But i’d still prefer a sky/background with a light greenish tent to kinda match the C-Groove theme (a lighter, transparent color green than the actual color of the C-Groove bar though), or something creative coming from the Avatar Maker that would fit the characters and the Groove in the Avatar would be cool too, with my name somewhere at the top in the left or right corner if possible.

Much thanks!


Nice! Thanks Tat guy! :tup:


Tat guy, I found another animated CvS2 default color picture of Ryu doing his taunt CvS2. I was wondering if you could possibly change the Ryu in the previous Avatar that you just made me, to this one?

Stopping the animation at the end of him tying his belt while he still has his hands on the belt, before the animation resets with him back in his fighting stance.

I hope i’m not asking for too much, I appologize if I am.

Thanks much!



If it’s cool and you’ll change the Ryu in my Avatar from the 1st one to the 2nd one that I picked out then cool, but if it’s not then still let me know please so I can put up the sweet Avatar that you made for me in my Avatar slot asap. :tup:

Thanks. =)


I’d have to redo it since I made the bar,Guile,Ryu,and Sagat as one layer.

You’ll have to wait till tomorrow; I’m pretty much out of it right now.

Alright cool, the waiting is no problem.
I appreciate you getting back to me, thanks bro. =)
I’ll check back tomorrow. :tup:


this thread is filled with madness and chaos…

lol? O_oa (<-- scratchin head)



You write very long posts…of which I just skimmed through to see if you mentioned me, which you did not. Hahaha! Just playin’. Lemme go browse through all that text to see what your after. What am I after? Cadbury Eggs my friend…Cadbury Eggs.

lol @ the Cadbury Eggs, Sasmasta. :tup:
I appologize for the long-winded posts, i’m just very chat-friendly. lol :looney:


Is Tat guy still alive? :wonder:


Hey Tat guy, I had noticed by reading a different thread here in the Image Mishmash forum just a few days ago that you were going through some real life problems that could have possibly involved a hospital and I read that you should be back by this past Friday, so I hope everything went well during your time away and that you are ok now. :tup:
But now that you’re back, will you be able to finish the Avatar? :wonder: :pray:


Here you go Ei8ht:


Just thought I’d help out Tat guy get this request done while he was away. :wink:

:tup: KidZero’s avs are always on point. Nice work… dood!

I love the Avatar! :lovin: :tup:
Thank you guys so much, Tat guy and KidZero! :rock: :party:

Most definately nice work!
Hey Dood, thanks for the rep up from my post in that Sean players Thread over at the 3S LIVE Forum. I just noticed your comment today when I went to go put on my awsome Avatar, I didn’t know before that, that you can see the comments from receiving rep in your User CP. :blush: :tup:


Good shit kidzero, that avatar looks really good.

You’re welcome Ei8ht.
Thanks for the comments Dood & xYourMasterx. :tup: