AV Request, Please!


may anyone get me an av on Dark Iori, please!!! i really dont care how it looks or what you do on it, just so my name is in there, and that’s all i want. can anyone hook my up?:wgrin:

thanks in advance, pplz!!!



Tat Guy - Is that the same font you used for your Guile wallpaper? If so, what is the name of it?


guile wallpaper was neo-geo. . .I don’t know what font that I used for the av. …


Thanks, Tat! you came through, like a pro.!


Hey Vegett0, who made your avatar. It’s kickass! Been trying to get a new animated avatar. Do you think you could hook me up with however created yours?


Yo Thanks again Vegett0. I couldn’t expect more from this avatar. Vegett0 = GODLIKE!!! Rep + 1